L E S  L A W R E N C E    


1970 - 1980

(1970) Lawrence began teaching at Grossmont College El Cajon, CA. He built a series of kilns including a salt kiln. Environmental concerns lead to experimentation and perfection of soda firing.

Les and his artist wife established a home and studio in the inland foothills of San Diego County. Also in the picture is daughter Laurie and Mona Lisa the family's beloved hairy dog.

(1971 - 74) Experiments with imagery on high fire reduction soda fired stoneware thrown vessels.

Les Lawrence  1970 - Photo Chuck Fridenmaker

1/10 Scale Kiln Sculpture

1/10 Scale Artist Firing a Kiln

Made In USA - B 1976 • Exhibited in California Design 1976

Wheel thrown vessels were flattened and modified. A opaque coating of porcelain slip was appied and images were projected and drawn revealing the stoneware as the dark tone. The slip was the light tone.

(1974) Lawrence began experimenting with photographic silk-screens. First works were created by screening ceramic pigment on to wet clay. Later he devised a mono print using a oil base ink with ceramic pigments.

(1975) Techniques transitioned from soda firing to oxidation glaze firing.

(1976) The series of large platters with photo silk-screen monoprint images of Indians, nudes. cows, text, and landscapes were begun.

Made in USA - C Warning... Cow... Collection of Erik and Irina Gronborg

Collection Phoenix Art Museum

Les Lawrence Showing Made In USA - A  Mid Series


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