L E S  L A W R E N C E    


1990 - 2000

Always interested in exploring ceramic techniques, Les became interested in extruding shapes with his pugmill....  

Pug mill set up to extrude triangler shapes. Lawrence fabricated special dies for the shapes..

Originally published in Ceramics Monthly (http://www.ceramicsmonthly.org), April 1993. Reproduced with permission. Copyright, the American Ceramic Society


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Drawing with My Favorite Pencil - Thanks Clayton

(1993) While searching through an antique store Les found an original black and white photographic print of two men standing in what appears to be a burial ground.

(1994) Forms began using a series of face molds. Images including George Washington and hands drawing various shapes

(1995) Subject matter consists of a varity of things including Mona Lisa, US Dollar bill, extruder diagrams, art historical text, computer paint software original photograps including old family pictures, soft erotica, and newspaper ads. The larger solid areas in the Mona image provides a ground for image manipulation.


New Vision Teapot - Day And Night (Night)

Bennett, T., Scott, P., (Ed.) Hot off the Press, Bellew Publishing. ISBN 1 85725 119 9, 1996 

(1994) Organized a NCECA panel on the topic of photographic image.

(1996) Print and clay techniques began being of interest as a contemporary ceramic technique. Paul Scott (England) began writing and curating exhibitions. He included one of Lawrence's teapots on the cover of Hot Of The Press exhibition catalogue. As a result Lawrence traveled to England for the exhibition opening and a lecture tour that included Wales.







As pictured in The Craft And Art of Clay - Susan Peterson

Fern and Her Goose - Stoneware

(1990) Early extruder works using a pugmill. After his trip to New Zealand he made a series of primitive inspired sculptural heads using altered extruded shapes.

(1991) Les made a modification to his photo silkscreen mono print technique. The oil base silksreen ink was giving him headaches. As a result of this strong need for less toxic material, Lawrence developed a waterbase process for imaging porcelain.

All of the mono print work is titled: New Vision...Teapot, Vessel, etc...

(1993) The April 1993 Ceramics Monthly Magazine had a picture of Les Lawrence on the cover. Inside was an extensive article about his innovative work.

Collection International Ceramic Center - Kecskemet, Hungary

Following the landmark work of England artist Paul Scott making copy machine toner transfer Lawrence creates similar fired imergery using laser printerd water slide decals.

The concept of this type of transfer is based the principle of magnetic (iron oxide) enriched toner used for making prints for copier and laser printers. When fired the iron yields a usual sepia color image, depend on the firing temp.

(A) Laser printer print on decal paper.

(B) Coated decal applied to glazed surface.

(1) Unfired

(2) Fired sepia color

(3) Fired higher yellow color

(1999) Les Lawrence and Paul Scott teamed up for a joint presentation at NCECA 99 Conference in Ohio for a talk titled, Print and Photography Influences in Clay

New Vision Teapot - Day And Night (Day)