L E S  L A W R E N C E    


Photo silk-screen mono printing:

My work is created backwards from most other ceramic works. The traditional way to work is make the piece and then decorarte it. I decorate it first and then make the piece. The images are created first by silkscreening the pictures, one at a time, onto a plaster slab. This plaster slab is  smooth and flat so the silk-screen makes complete contact.

A silk-screen is placed onto the work surface

Using a sponge the porcelain "ink" is forced through the silk-screen...

Printed image of Mona Lisa...

Multiple images and overprinting images create a composition on the plaster work surface. After the sab is completed I pour or paint porcelain slip over the slab building up the thickness to about 1/8" +. After the slip air drys to a consistancy compatable to hand building techniques, I build the forms.

The slab above can be used to make about 4 cup forms or a part of a tea pot. Larger formas would require  additional  pieces from a second slab. Unused piece can be saved and used later. Handles and spouts are castings made from a silver tea pot I bought from an antique store.